Friday, 2 September 2011

MUA eyeshadows and mosaic blush!

MUA are becoming one of my favourite brands! There super cheap but amazing quality, i recently went into my local super drug and just stood swatching all there products wanting to buy all of it! ha ha.

I don't have that many of there products at the minute but here's what i have ...

Oh my god i cant even explain how much i love these! especially shade 9! its the most gorgeous pearly purple/blue! The photos don't even do it justice. Shade 18 is a lovely pastel matte purple, really lovely. Shade 6 is great but i don't wear it that often, i have green eyes and i think its too much on me, Its a super nice colour though a shimmery light green :) Shade 15 is probably one of the best black eye shadows i own!

These eye shadows are priced at £1.00!!! I couldn't believe it when i saw the price, very impressed!

I'm not sure if the next product i have is one of the newer ones, anyways its a trio eyeshadow in Passion

This product is like my best friend at the moment! Its one of my most reached for products just because i LOVE purple eye shadows. I cant believe how pigmented MUA'S eye shadows are, ill be honest i wasn't expecting much but i was pleasantly surprised. All the colours in the trio are pearl .. very pretty :)

This product retails at £2.50 ... bargain i know!!

And last but not least is my new favourite blusher! Mosaic blush in English Rose.

It gives a really light pinky/peachy glow with a little bit of shimmer :)

These blushers retail again at only £2.50!

That's all the MUA products i own at the moment but i will definitely be buying some more! If your looking for great quality without breaking the bank then MUA is the place to be!

If you would like to look at the full range then check out the super drug website and search MUA :)

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