Thursday, 1 September 2011

Models own haul! :)

I'm sure alot you have heard about the models own 50% off sale. Of courseee i took advantage of this amazing offer and put in an order! This was my first time ordering with them but here's what i got ...

8 nail polishes:
  • Purple passion
  • Green tea
  • Gun grey
  • Black magic
  • Raspberry crush
  • Juicy Jule's
  • Sophie's pink
  • 3in1 base/top/gloss
Then i got the 6 way shape and buff and a nail art pen :)

they got my order a little wrong i received the wrong pink but I'm waiting on a reply from customer services!

Of course i had to try one on straight away, i chose to use black magic with juicy Jule's on top! There a little messy but i never have been very good at nails ha ha.

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