Tuesday, 30 August 2011

E.L.F Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil's

Hi everyone! So my plan was to upload a new review a day (if possible) but my laptop decided to break! But now its back and good as new! So I'm going to review the E.L.F shimmer eyeliner pencils! These pencils retail at £1.50 each and come with a pencil sharpener built into the lid. They come in 9 different colours. I actually thought i had all the colours but when i checked i seem to have two of the same one! the one I'm missing is boldly bronzed which i intend to get and will add a swatch later on :)
so here are the ones i have ...

I also swatched to give you an idea of the true colours..

These pencils are lovely, there so soft and glide on smoothly and don't tug the skin like some eyeliners. The colour pay off is great! you only need to the draw along the lashline once and you get a vibrant result!

As i said above these come with a built in sharpener in the lid. I think this is the only downside to this product. You can see how some of the product has stayed on the plum passion blade .. it would be abit messy if you like to have your makeup in a bag. The lids dont tend to stay on very well either so you could end up with product on your other items.

The staying power of them is great! I put mine on in the morning, usually with no primer and its always the same when i come to take it off at the end of the day!

Sooo yeah i love these! definitely one of my top 10 E.L.F products!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

E.L.F Mineral eyeshadows

So i was planning on getting some of these eye shadows for a while but couldn't decide on which colours to get but then the lovely Elf team posted a promotion offering 10 free mineral eye shadows with a minimum spend, AMAZING! So of course i took advantage of this offer. These eye shadows retail at £3.00 each from www.eyeslipsface.co.uk. They come in a small round pot but one pot will last a long time as you don't need to use alot of product :)

I swatched all the colours i have:

Innocent is a matte neutral colour with a really soft finish, perfect for creating a natural eye.


Love this! its a shimmery peachy/pinky colour, could be used to instantly transform a natural eye to a nighttime look without too much effort!


This colour is almost matte, it has a few sparkles in it but there hardly noticeable. Its a lovely orangey brown colour.


A deep bronze colour with lots of sparkle! LOVE it! :)


A matte medium brown gorgeous colour, looks completely different in the pot compared to when swatched. A really lovely colour :)


i LOVE this colour! The name says it all, its super girly a really nice light purple with a little sparkle. This one is my personal favourite out of all of these :)

This ones an odd colour. Its a reddy purple with some shimmer


This is a semi matte light grey. Melts really nicely into the skin. I will most likely use this as my light colour for a black smokey eye! lovely colour.

Again im not sure how to describe this colour. Its kind of a mix between purple and a dark grey :S confusing i know! lols, Very shimmery! An amazing colour.

Gorgeous matte black! Ive been looking for a high pigment matte black for a while and i did not think i would find it for £3.00. Amazing!

So yeah i love these eyeshadows! By far the best eyeshadows ive used, there so easy to blend together and the finish on the eyes is amazing! I love them, actually planning on getting the newer colours when there in stock! :D