Tuesday, 20 September 2011

September Glossybox!

Hi everyone! I got my Glossy box the other day ( super exciting! ) So thought i would do a little post on it just showing you what i got in it really. I'm sure most people know what Glossy box is but if not just go to www.glossybox.co.uk and take a look :)

One of the things i love most about Glossy box is the packaging. It comes in a really cute pink box with the Glossy logo on the top ...

I actually keep the boxes as storage just because there way to pretty to throw out! I have used one as a gift box for my friend and filled it with ELF goodies! :D

Inside the box is just as pretty! Its wrapped in black tissue paper, sealed with a Glossy sticker and tied with a pink bow :)

It was so much neater than this but I'm just rubbish at bows! ha ha, The card tells you all about your box and the products you've been sent.

I love unwrapping it and seeing whats inside, i usually don't give into the spoilers but this month i couldn't resist and caved! So i already had a rough idea of what i was getting ....

This is how it arrived, i was surprised nothing had broken because there was no proper protection for the products but it was all perfect! :)

Anyways here's what i got in mine in abit more detail...

Dead sea spa magik - Salt brushing
Voted 'best exfoliator' by you magazine. A harmonious blend of pure dead sea salts, Vitamin E and Coconut oil, with a hypnotic citrus aroma, make this a wonderfully pampering body exfoliator.

HD brows - eye&brow palette
Eyebrow experts HD brows have developed this fantastic multi-use palette containing four matte eye-brow colours. They double up as an eye shadow and eyeliner as well as lasting 24 hours!

Moa - The green balm
Crammed with organic yarrow and lots of other lovely natural stuff this handy little pot of moa balm has many weird and wonderful uses, we're just balmy about it!

Neal and Wolf - Harmony intensive care treatment
Harmony has been specially created to repair damaged hair, using a unique combination of intensive conditioners that deliver an instant transformation leaving hair shiny, healthy and manageable.

Plum by Mary Greenwell - Eau de parfum
plum is the signature by world-renowned celebrity makeup artist Mary Greenwell. A stunning classic chypre with a memorable modern twist.


I'm super impressed with everything i got! I'm not sure what the use of the balm is though so if anyone knows do let me know! ha ha.

I LOVE the Neal Wolf conditioner! Ive actually used half already, it leaves my hair sooooo soft and shiny!

I'll also mention that on the card telling you about your products you get a discount code for any re purchases :)

I shall update when ive tried the salt brushing!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Benefit They're Real!

As most people will know Benefit have just launched a brand new mascara! Its called They're Real! I was super excited to get it when i saw all the reviews and photos on there face book page. I got mine from House of Fraser, costing £18.50.

Like all of Benefits products the packaging is great, really sleek and just looks great taking pride of place on my make up drawer's!

The thing i like most about this mascara is the brush. Its the plastic comb brush which is my favourite type. I recently splashed out on a new mascara and the brush is awful!

I took some photos of the mascara before and after so you can decide for yourself whether you like it or not ( Crazyyyyy eyes!) ...

I really do like it! I think i could of gotten away with another coat before it clumped. Ive seen a few people saying how they had a little bother removing the mascara but i had no problem at all! I used a st Ives face wipe and it came straight off :D

It lasted all day without any fallout!

There's not really much else to say ... Its my new favourite mascara! (Band wagon i know, but seriously :) )

Saturday, 3 September 2011

My make up storage! :) (03/09/11)

Hi everyone I've decided to do a post on how i store all my makeup. Ive seen this type of post on lots of other blogs and love seeing how other people do it so i thought i would share mine :)

I would LOVE a dressing table but unfortunately my room isn't big enough so i make do with my chest of drawers. So as you can see its pretty simple, i have a small set of silver drawers which i bought from asda. My main makeup is all stored in the patterned drawers, i got these from WHS ... life saver!

My nail varnish drawer, perfect height so i can have them all stood up. I used to have them in a make up bag and it was a nightmare trying to find a certain one!

A whole drawer dedicated to my ELF mineral makeup which i love!

The other drawers are just random stuff like face cleansers,  nail stuff and my lovely baby wipes!

These are just perfect for storing makeup! i now have two sets a draw for every category! (super organised!) ha ha. I don't know what i did before i got these, i know where everything is which means no rummaging about :)

The ELF brush holders are amazing! more than big enough for my brushes :)

Then i just have my brush cleaner and face wipes on the side, just laziness really ha ha.

So that's how i store my products its nothing special but for me it works! :)

How do you store yours?? xx xx

Friday, 2 September 2011

MUA eyeshadows and mosaic blush!

MUA are becoming one of my favourite brands! There super cheap but amazing quality, i recently went into my local super drug and just stood swatching all there products wanting to buy all of it! ha ha.

I don't have that many of there products at the minute but here's what i have ...

Oh my god i cant even explain how much i love these! especially shade 9! its the most gorgeous pearly purple/blue! The photos don't even do it justice. Shade 18 is a lovely pastel matte purple, really lovely. Shade 6 is great but i don't wear it that often, i have green eyes and i think its too much on me, Its a super nice colour though a shimmery light green :) Shade 15 is probably one of the best black eye shadows i own!

These eye shadows are priced at £1.00!!! I couldn't believe it when i saw the price, very impressed!

I'm not sure if the next product i have is one of the newer ones, anyways its a trio eyeshadow in Passion

This product is like my best friend at the moment! Its one of my most reached for products just because i LOVE purple eye shadows. I cant believe how pigmented MUA'S eye shadows are, ill be honest i wasn't expecting much but i was pleasantly surprised. All the colours in the trio are pearl .. very pretty :)

This product retails at £2.50 ... bargain i know!!

And last but not least is my new favourite blusher! Mosaic blush in English Rose.

It gives a really light pinky/peachy glow with a little bit of shimmer :)

These blushers retail again at only £2.50!

That's all the MUA products i own at the moment but i will definitely be buying some more! If your looking for great quality without breaking the bank then MUA is the place to be!

If you would like to look at the full range then check out the super drug website and search MUA :)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Models own haul! :)

I'm sure alot you have heard about the models own 50% off sale. Of courseee i took advantage of this amazing offer and put in an order! This was my first time ordering with them but here's what i got ...

8 nail polishes:
  • Purple passion
  • Green tea
  • Gun grey
  • Black magic
  • Raspberry crush
  • Juicy Jule's
  • Sophie's pink
  • 3in1 base/top/gloss
Then i got the 6 way shape and buff and a nail art pen :)

they got my order a little wrong i received the wrong pink but I'm waiting on a reply from customer services!

Of course i had to try one on straight away, i chose to use black magic with juicy Jule's on top! There a little messy but i never have been very good at nails ha ha.