Saturday, 19 November 2011

November Glossybox! :)

Hiya everyone!

This morning felt like Christmas, was busy painting and the postman knocked on the door with four parcels! :D one being the November glossy box! Eeeee

The idea of this months box is to give you an idea of what you could put in your loved ones stocking this Christmas!

Here's whats inside ....

Arbonne FC5 - cooling foot creme

Dead sea spa magik - dead sea bath salts

Monu - Skin perfector

Nail rock - Designer nail wraps

Serge lutens - L'eau serge lutens & Vitriol d'oeillet   ( Perfume HA!)

When i first opened the box i was a little disappointed there wasn't any makeup but after looking properly I'm glad there isn't!

i will use everything at some point, I love the nail wraps and the perfumes smell lovely!

Thanks for peeking! :D


  1. i had to laugh, i thought the perfume was called Oil of Vitriol, which is actually the old chemical name for Sulphuric Acid!!!

    Not loving this box at all, grumble grumble grumble!

  2. Pahaa oh dear!

    Ohhh your not the only one seems like almost everyone is disapointed this month. The problem with glossy box is they went all out with there first box that theyve peaked to soon!

    Im hoping they have something amazing planned for Christmas


  3. ahhh i was a little disappointed when i saw your first couple of pictures but then i saw the nail wraps & got happy :) great post hun xxx

  4. yeah you never know! ive used most of the products before, but i do like the lace print of your wraps :)

  5. if you want to swap your skin perfector bte, please leave me a comment on my blog (as above!)